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Document Document Description
LPM Distribution Study ECGB LPM Desktop Distribution Study Final Report Submission
The Socio- Economic Impact Research Report on the Socio-Economic and Environmental Impact of the LPM Sector.
Traditional Horse Racing The Status of Traditional Horse Racing in the Eastern Cape
Satisfaction Survey Licensee Satisfaction Survey Report
Prevalence of Gambling Among Older Persons Gambling prevalence of the recipients of old age social grant from the Eastern Cape Province
Prevalence of Gambling Among Head Office Staff Research Report on the Prevalence of Gambling and Betting among head office staff of the Eastern Cape Provincial Government Departments
Performance Survey Report Report on the 2013/14 Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board's Performance Survey
EC Zone 4 Casino Market Analysis Eastern Cape Zone 4 Casino Market Analysis and Feasibility
Bingo Gambling Licensing - Feasibility Study Bingo Gambling Licensing Qualitative and Quantitative Feasibility Study
2009 - Socio-Economic Impact of Gambling The Socio-Economic Impact of Legalized Gambling in the Eastern Cape Province
Final Report ECGBB licences issued Report on the duration of licences issued in terms of the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Act 5 of 1997


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