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2022/23 RFQs

RFQ-16 Invitation

RFQ-16 Bid document – Placement of vacancy advert on Daily Dispatch, Herald, and Sunday Times

  New: Open    

RFQ-15 Invitation

RFQ-15 Bid document – Supply, install & configure replacement servers

RFQ- 15 Terms of reference

  New: Open    

RFQ-14 Invitation

RFQ-14 Bid document – Procurement of an online legislation library subscription


RFQ-02 and 13 Invitation

RFQ-02 Bid document – Supply and delivery of Natural Science and Technology kits

RFQ-13 Bid document – Supply and delivery of replacement laptops and end-user equipment

RFQ-02 Annexure A

RFQ-02 Annexure B

RFQ-02 Annexure C

New: Open    

RFQ-10,11 and 12 Invitation

RFQ-10 Bid document – Ethics Training

RFQ-11 Bid document – Harrassment Training

RFQ-12 Bid document – POPIA PAIA Training


RFQ-9 Invitation

RFQ-9 Bid document – Change Management


RFQ-8 Invitation

RFQ-8 Bid document – Fiber services costing


RFQ-7 Invitation

RFQ-7 Bid document – Activations


RFQ-5 and 6 Invitation

RFQ-5 Bid document – Leasing of Billboards

RFQ-6 Bid document – Annual Report design


Annual Report: Closed

Leasing: Closed


Bid document – Procurement of Health and Safety Agent

RFQ-4 Invitation to quote – Health and Safety Agent

2021/22 RFQs

Bid document – Review of ECGB Financial Statement

RFQ-40 Invitation


Bid document: BEE Verification Services

Invitation: BEE Verification Services



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