The Eastern Cape Gambling Board is once more planning to host its Annual CSI Awards in November 2023 in order to:-

a) recognise and award excellence in terms of compliance with the Bid Commitments & License conditions especially those relating to Socio-economic Development initiatives and Corporate Social Investment Responsibilities.
b) acknowledge the role played by the gaming industry in the Province, working with different stakeholders, and in particular government institutions in impacting on the lives of the previously disadvantaged & less fortunate communities.

Please find below a simple link to nominate “Best CSI Project/s in terms of the six CSI Baskets or Areas of Focus” which they will then be judged and adjudicated by an objective independent panel of judges.

For CSI Project:

Furthermore more, find another simple link below to nominate the “ a) Best Licensee’s CSI Coordinator/CSI Manager; b) Best Provincial Government Department official/employee /Manager assisted the ECGB and Licensees on CSI project implementation; c) Best Local, District, and Metropolitan Municipality official / Manager assisted the ECGB and Licensees on CSI project implementation.

For CSI Official: