Bid description & numberReturnable documents/formsSpecifications/ Terms of referenceStatusReceived BidsBids awarded
Provision of security services & supply of cleaning material for Eastern Cape Gambling Board for a period of thirty six (36) months: ECGB-23/24-BID 04Bid documentTerms of referenceOpen
Provision of mobile communication solutions for a period for a period of twenty four (24) months: ECGB-23/24-BID 03Bid documentTerms of reference
Pricing Schedule
Portable Power Stations for ECGB Management: ECGB-23/24-RFQ-24Bid documentClosed
Job Evaluation of existing and new position services: ECGB-23/24-RFQ-23Bid documentClosed
Organisational Maturity Assessment for the ECGB: ECGB-23/24/RFQ-22Bid documentDomains and StatementsClosed
Dell SAN(Storage) replacement: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 20Bid documentClosed
Supply and delivery of Natural Science and Technology kits: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 19Bid documentGrade R-3 Maths
Grade 4-7 Maths
Grade 4-7 Science & Tech
Appointment of a service provider to offer Internal Audit Services to ECGB for a minimum period of three years: ECGB-23/24-BID-02Bid document

Terms of reference
Pricing ScheduleClosedList of received bids
Enrolment into Manager’s Development Programme: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 18Bid documentClosed
Procurement of print media adverts: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 17Bid documentClosed
Procurement of website revamp services: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 16Bid documentClosed
Leasing of billboards and bus advertising with messages of responsible and illegal gambling in the province: ECGB-23/23-RFQ-15Bid documentClosed
Impairment and replacement of zebra card printer machine: ECGB-23/24-RFQ-14Bid documentClosed
Appointment of a panel of attorneys to provide professional legal services to the ECGB for a period of 36 months: ECGB-23/24-BID-01Bid document

Request for proposal
Pricing ScheduleClosed
Request for EC Gambling B-BBEE Verification Services – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 13Bid documentClosed
Procurement of offsite backup tape storage services – ECGB-23/24-RFQ-12Bid documentClosed
Provision of Induction of HR and Remuneration Committe – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 11Bid documentTerms of referenceClosed
Procurement of fiber and web services – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 06Bid documentClosed
Design & Layout of ECGB Annual Report – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 09Bid documentClosed
Procurement of security operation services – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 08Bid documentClosed
Provision of training on public speaking and presentation skills for ECGB officials – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 07Bid documentClosed
Procurement of fiber and web services – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 06Bid documentClosed
Review of ECGB Annual Financial Statements and Provision of GRAP Training-ECGB-23/24-RFQ 04Bid documentClosed
Procurement of a recruitment agency services for employment of an executive manager position – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 03Bid documentMaster List TemplateClosed
Decanting of records and documents from the basement area of ECGB – ECGB-23/24-RFQ 02Bid documentClosed
Placement of vacancy; Executive Manager – Corporate Services on the Daily Dispatch, Herald, and Sunday Times: ECGB-23/24-RFQ 01Bid documentAdvertisementClosed
Annual Business Central License renewal and support: ECGB-22/23-RFQ 49Bid documentClosed
Procurement of offsite backup tape storage services: ECGB-22/23-RFQ 48Bid documentClosed
Review of ECGB’s Remuneration, Rewards and Incentives to inform policy: ECGB-22/23-RFQ 47Bid document
Terms of reference
Renewal of Fortigate Support and Licensing for 36 months: ECGB-22/23-RFQ-46Bid documentClosed
Supply & Delivery of a Vehicle: ECGB-22/23-RFQ-45Bid documentClosed
Annual Renewal of ECGB Microsoft Licence: ECGB-22/23-RFQ-44Bid documentClosed
Annual renewal of Mimecast mail archiving solution –
ECGB-22/23-RFQ 43
Bid documentClosed
Design, layout, and printing of ECGB’s Annual Performance Plan and Operational Plan – ECGB-22/23-RFQ 41Bid documentClosed
Supply and delivery of tools and materials – ECGB-22/23-RFQ 40Bid documentClosed
Short Learning training on Law Enforcement by Peace Officers – ECGB-22/23-RFQ 39Bid documentClosed
Annual Cibecs data replication software – ECGB-22/23-RFQ 38Bid documentClosed
Review of ECGB’s remuneration, rewards and incentives to inform policy: ECGB-22/23-RFQ 37Bid document

Terms of reference
Supply and delivery of school shoes and sanitary towels – ECGB-22/23-RFQ 36Bid documentClosed
Supply, delivery and maintenance of indoor/office plants for a period of thirty six months: ECGB-22/23-RFQ 35

Bid document

Specification Jan 2023Closed